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Today I achieved

Today I felt like doing nothing. Today I awoke from never really sleeping. Today I'm wracked with pain, exhaustion and worry. Today I had a shower and washed my hair. Today I achieved. Sarah Quinn


Blackmail at its finest?

So as most people know I'm disabled with multiple health issues that affect my mobility.  To the point that I'm almost housebound these days, only getting out the house maybe once a week at best.  I find this soul destroying.  But have... Continue Reading →

Ever said you would never do something and then become a huge fan?

My current is FPS multiplayer games. I suppose it's human nature.  To challenge yourself and your surroundings.  But it never fails to amaze me how the human mind works. I'm pretty sure that over the years there have been many... Continue Reading →

We have a killer spider on the lose! Maybe.

So I awoke this morning with the realization that today is Friday 13th.  Superstitious or not the tale of this morning is befitting of this day.  A day steeped in tradition for being notoriously unlucky.  However, I'm currently unsure if... Continue Reading →

Who knew socks could be so controversial? Or, Sockgate?

If you are a parent you should get this.  Then again it is entirely possible my family are just as a weird as me and it manifests itself through socks.  You will at the very least understand the pain of... Continue Reading →

‘Nigger’, becoming acceptable again?

I want to get this out there first and foremost.  I do not use the word nigger and never have.  For me it's offensive because I've been brought up to view the word as derogatory to black people.  This is... Continue Reading →

Who do you know that suffers invisible illness?

The answer to that is probably a lot.  You might not know it, but many suffer invisible illness in silence.  Often for fear of being judged. Invisible illness and disability is frequently misunderstood, judged or not cared about.  It's hard to understand when you have no issues yourself; hard to relate too.  So many won't try and even more won't bother to even read this.

Hythe Canal and a Cheeky Huskita

The weather is just about holding on to the last resemblance of summer here in the UK.  The odd sunny day which surprises you with the heat, until the clouds appear and the temperature drops quickly, reminding us we are... Continue Reading →

Six swallows?

This blog is literally about swallowing.  More specifically, my swallowing.  The context of such, sadly not as exciting as I'm sure some would like to imagine.  Get those minds out the gutter! Ha ha.  So I've a few weird quirks... Continue Reading →

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